Print Marketing is Still Relevant

In a digital world, it may seem that print advertising is outdated and ineffective. However, print design and marketing continues to be an important tool for business advertising. Print advertising products make an impression on tens of millions of people each month and provide many benefits over digital ads.

  • Credible: It is often quipped that “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” That same stigma doesn’t apply to print products, lending them more credibility than their digital counterparts.
  • Tangible: Physically holding something bestows a psychological sense of ownership, which in turn makes an object feel more valuable. The tangible aspect of print ads provide value and also results in a much higher return on investment.
  • More memorable:The experience of touching a magazine, turning pages, and reading a print advertisement lasts longer in a consumer’s memory than does scrolling and skimming on a digital device.
  • Engaging:The average consumer spends significantly longer reading a print ad than a digital ad, especially when the design is thoughtful and creative.

Advertise Your Business in Print

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