4 Tips for Using Psychology in a Social Media Campaign

There are many psychological tools that, when used right, can be powerful in predicting or affecting customer behavior. While your goal may not be to directly manipulate your customers, consider using these four tips to help your intended audience connect with your product on an emotional level and help them understand the benefits they’ll enjoy when they use your product or service in your social media marketing today.

Communicate With Emotion

Start off your content with an emotional call. Then, strategically use powerful emotional language throughout your marketing. From sympathy to humor, laughter to horror, an emotional response can make your post far more engaging, memorable and likely to be shared. Be sure to always communicate professionally and tie your emotional appeal with the product or service itself for maximum results. When kept in line with your overall branding strategy, an emotional post can motivate your customers to respond.

Use Social Motivation to Your Advantage

We all love community. Whether you define community as yourself and your household pet or a large group of like-minded fans, community is something everyone enjoys. Tailor your social media marketing strategy to take advantage of this fact and create content that people genuinely want to share. Start with the heavy-hitting influencers in your industry and watch as your content works its way around the globe.

Discover Why People Share

When it comes to sharing, many social media managers are surprisingly unaware of the basic psychological principles that cause people to share. When studied by psychologists, the top five reasons for sharing include supporting a cause, staying connected, self-fulfillment, defining who they are and entertainment. Tap into one or more of these with your marketing strategy to enjoy viral posts and memorable, shareable content. This translates into an exponentially larger audience, who will, in turn, share your posts even more. If a part of your social media campaign isn’t working, find out why people aren’t willing to share it with their followers.

Personal Your Content

A small, or large, part of everyone loves to be selfish at times. Nearly everyone enjoys talking about themselves to a captivated audience. Utilize this motivation by creating a social media marketing strategy that is focused on your audience. Ask questions, provide surveys and do anything else you can to help customers remember that you value their opinions, crave their feedback and are eager to hear what they think about your products and services. This will not only help you make more sales, it’ll also help you grow a loyal following around your brand.

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