The Basics About Earned Media and How to Build an Earned Media Strategy

One of the most coveted assets in marketing is earned media. Marketers are envious of it because unlike traditional media, they can’t buy it. Earned media is the exposure that comes from people discovering a product or service and liking it so much that they talk it up, usually through social media channels. If someone chooses to be an unpaid ambassador for your brand, their followers and friends will be very likely to check you out. While earned media usually arises organically, there are ways to try to steer influencers towards shouting you out. Here are some tips on earning earned media.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Before you try to solicit brand ambassadorship, you need to be clear about what your marketing goals are. Do you want to get a greater share of an audience that is already aware of you? Have you already conquered a demographic or two and are now looking at cracking into a new one? Are your trying to overtake a competitor? You can’t do all of these things effectively at the same time, so pick a specific goal and start from there.

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying the right target audience goes hand in hand with goal setting. Once you know what you want to achieve, figure out who will help you achieve it.

Understand What Your Target Audience Likes

The next step is getting inside the head of your target audience. What sort of products do they buy? What shows do they watch? Which online and social platforms do they prefer?

Find Outlets That Provide What Your Target Audience Likes

You’ve set your goals, identified your target audience, and figured out what they like. Now, take your earned media strategy a step further and figure out the people and/or companies behind the content that resonates with them.

Reach Out to These Outlets

Let’s say you’ve keyed in on two or three content producers that your target audience respects. If you want their earned media, craft an email, physical package, or direct message pitch that you think will get their attention. Tell them that you think they and their followers might appreciate what you have to offer. Give them a free sample or code. Make sure what they get is free, not just discounted.

Share, Share, Share!

Lastly, when you get earned media, make sure everyone knows it! Share it on your social platforms and link to it on your website. Follow-up with thank you gifts or messages to the outlets who are amplifying your message.

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