Does Your Business Need Help With Web Design?

A dynamic website design grips the attention of potential customers strongly enough so that they follow through on a call to action. The best websites are uncomplicated, focused, eye-catching, and informative. Here are some tips to help you create compelling web design for your company site.

Plan It Out

The first step in superlative web design is efficient planning. Before working on screen, put pencil to paper or marker to whiteboard and sketch out your basic ideas. Designs in pencil and whiteboard marker are easy to erase and rework, and whiteboards have the added advantage of easy visibility so you can receive feedback from colleagues. Begin your design elements in shades of gray, and add color slowly so you can contemplate its effect. For appropriate color combination ideas, allow nature to inspire you, either by walks outdoors or studies of landscape photos online.

Make It Clear

To make your message clear to consumers, select a font size that’s easy to read, and use even larger font sizes for headlines. To test ease of reading, step back from your computer, squint, and see if the most prominent aspects of your website are still visible. Don’t be concerned about leaving some white space if it focuses attention on the main points of your message.

Keep It Simple

Many designers clutter web pages with too much information and too many pictures and links. However, it’s best to avoid complicated features such as image carousels and slideshows. Remove sidebars so that readers focus on your main article and its call to action. Make navigation simpler by limiting the amount of links per page. Instead of placing social media icons at a prominent position at the top of your main page, relegate them to a place at the bottom. You want visitors to concentrate on your message, not navigate away from the page.

Use Appropriate Tools

There are many easy-to-use tools that facilitate web design. For instance, on Pinterest you can create mood boards of conceptual material such as layouts, patterns, images, and colors. Apple Keynote allows you to design prototypes of web pages.

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