How to Build a Cheap and Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways for marketers to reach the exact audience they want to speak to. Yet, many companies have failed to grasp what a powerful tool it is, and how to deploy attention-grabbing campaigns. Their loss is your gain! Here are some tips to gain traction on Facebook without breaking the bank!

Drill Down on Your Demos

One of the best features of Facebook’s ad manager is that it allows you to target very specific demos by gender, age range, and geographic location. Marketers refer to this as “programmatic buying,” and it makes Facebook advertising incredibly appealing and effective. If you know your product well, you will know who your target audience is. Use Facebook’s tools to reach them.

Look at Click Through Rates

Facebook provides detailed analytics to its advertisers. There is a lot of data to mine here, but the best way to see if your Facebook advertising is striking a chord is to look at your click-through rates. As the name would suggest, click through rates reflect the number of people who see your Facebook ads, click on them, and go to your website. If you’re not seeing good numbers here, adjust your strategy.

Examine Relevance Scores

Another critical analytic in Facebook advertising is the relevance score of an ad. This is another Facebook metric, but it is crucial because it can determine the price you pay for placement. The grading is simple; Facebook looks at how many people in your target audience interact with the ad and assigns a score from zero to ten. If you hover around two to five, your ad rates will be higher, as Facebook will have to work harder to get your ad placed in front of more people who will be interested. If it’s closer to eight or nine, you’re on the right track. Examine the numbers and tweak your messaging until you see the numbers rise.

Always Use Images or Video

Here’s a more basic Facebook advertising rule of thumb: ads that include images, or better yet, videos, place higher in algorithms. Always include at least a still image and incorporate video whenever possible. 

Consider Automating Posts

Lastly, consider the cost/benefit tradeoff of using a third-party posting tool to post ads for you. Time is money, and many entrepreneurs find themselves playing CEO, marketing director, and social lead all at the same time. By automating posts, you can schedule content to go live in advance, and free yourself up. Every minute counts!

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